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    Finger ring Sizes

    Want to know your ring size?

    Let’s do some math.

    What is the formula for calculating the circumference of a circle?  Wait!! We asked you this because the profile of the ring is a circle. See the connection yet?

    Let’s spare you the trouble. The image will help you with the circumference of the ring.

    Now all you got to do is to cut a strip of paper, roll it over your finger and mark the length of the strip that reflects the size of your finger. Now measure the length of the strip with a ruler and look at the image.

    You can find the nearest size of the ring based on the circumference. Happy?!!

    Its possible that the available size of the ring may not match that of your finger. But if you like the design and would like to order it, please send an email to customercare@jewelone.in and our representative will guide you to your favorite design in the perfect size, made specially for you.