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    Diamond Guide

    It is a fact that “Diamonds are Forever” and it is precisely for that reason that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

    Diamonds are as timeless as Mother Nature herself. Forged under extreme conditions of heat and pressure in the belly of Earth and churned out to the surface through volcanoes, Diamonds are a symbol of your transcendence against extreme odds. Every diamond that adorn your jewelry symbolizes your journey to success. We, at Jewelone take precise care in selecting every diamond meticulously and placing it on your jewelry with extraordinary craftsmanship, so that your symbol of success doubles up as a symbol of love.

    Know your Diamond

    Every Diamond is governed by a set of grading parameters , usually known as 4Cs. Clarity, Color , Cut and Carat Weight.

    In JewelOne, we lovingly call it 5Cs. Apart from the 4Cs, our unflinching “Commitment” to delight you with our exquisite designs and exemplary finish in our products is our Fifth “C”.


    Diamonds are formed by a process of crystallization and during the process, diamonds tend to crystallize around certain impurities like minerals, graphite or smaller diamonds themselves. A diamond cutter does his best to remove the impurities, but he has the greater objective of retaining a diamond’s value. The relative absence of these impurities, also called as inclusions in a diamond is called Clarity. Better the clarity, higher is the rarity and therefore higher is the price. Diamond clarities are classified into 11 grades. Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Slightly Included (1&2), Very Slightly Included (1&2), Slightly Included (1&2), Included(1,2&3). The difference in prices goes up exponentially as we go towards better purities.


    Presence or absence of certain elements in Diamonds give it a color that ranges from absolutely colorless to bright colors. For example, presence of nitrogen in diamonds gives it a yellow hue. Presence of Boron gives it a Blue color. Brown colors, Pink , Oranges and Red color of diamonds occur due to diamond's crystal structure deformations. Red Diamonds are the rarest and most expensive .Diamond colors are graded on a D-Z scale. D stands for perfectly colorless diamonds while Z stands for colored diamonds. Beyond Z, colored diamonds are called fancy colored diamonds and they are graded on a different scale. Diamond exists in almost every color known to man. Gray diamonds are not unheard of. The insane ones are Chameleon diamonds that change color when subject to light or heat. Trust us, it is a natural phenomenon. Most colored diamonds are sold on auctions.

    Fun Fact : Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a gold standard in Diamond Grading came up with the D-Z scale. Some say that since the word Diamonds start with alphabet D, hence the name D-Z scale. The fact is that the most common grading scale in America is ABC system. GIA wanted a system unique to itself and in order to do away with errors and inconsistensies of earlier systems, they came up with the D-Z scale. Interesting, isn’t it?


    Cut is the man-made component of diamonds. Diamonds exist in nature in the form of a rough. To a common man, it may look nothing more than pebble. On the other hand, a skilled artisan can unlock the beauty of a diamond by polishing facets on it. Cut is an extremely important factor that decides the beauty of a diamond. All things being equal, it is a stone’s cut that will maximize the light return to the eye or cause complete light leakage. Cut of a diamond is graded as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. At JewelOne, we completely understand the nuances of the diamond cut and we ensure we select the best cut for our diamond jewelry. Our diamonds reflect maximum light back to your eye and that is the reason why our jewelry dazzles the best. Go ahead and adorn yourself with these sparkling dazzlers from the house of JewelOne.


    Carat-weight is a measure of a stone’s weight. It equals one fifth of a gram. As the stone’s carat weight goes higher, the prices go up exponentially higher. For example, a 1.00 carat stone would be approximately double the price of a 0.90 ct diamond. Choose your diamond wisely and make the best of the pricing. Our diamond consultants will help you get the best value for money. Investing in love has never been this easy.


    Epic love stories are usually incomplete without diamonds. A commitment of a lifetime is forged by pushing that solitaire diamond ring with love, onto your beloved’s finger. It is that enticing moment, where two hearts that beat as one, actually skip a beat.

    A commitment that is no less in verve is JewelOne’s commitment to our customers. JewelOne is a burgeoning retail brand from the house of Emerald Jewelry, a company known for its exceptional quality of products. We use the best of materials, utilize the best of technology, employ the best of artisans and manufacture best of products that are unmatched in class and quality. And our commitment to you is that for your every jewelry need, we are there for you and we are there with you.

    Shop online or visit our stores. You can call us on our customer care number and our diamond consultants would be happy to visit you so that you can view and select our products from the comfort of your homes. Terms and conditions apply*.